Killer Brief Workshop Ticket

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The Killer Briefs workshop is a fun crash course to improve brief writing skills, but participants also learn how to better analyze communications, as advertising practitioners, instead of as consumers. The workshop was developed for account management personnel, but creatives have enjoyed it too.
The workshop consists of two sections. First, a short introduction to creative brief, why it’s important to have a good brief and what a good brief does for the creative process. The second section is a step-by-step dissection of the typical components of a brief (Objective, Target, Desired Shift, Insight, Single-Minded Proposition, Reasons to Believe, Tone and Mandatories). 
What makes the workshop fun and engaging is that each workshop participant will have previously submitted a homework assignment, having been randomly been assigned a TV spot and asked to retroactively write a brief for it. In discussing each section of the brief, participant homework is highlighted and anonymously critiqued. Then improvements to what was written are offered by the instructor. Outstanding examples from the homework are also recognized. 
The workshop takes about 2 hours to complete and is capped at 15 participants at Zubi Miami.